5 Tips for Caring for Your Laptop so that Durable

How to care for your laptop- Now this Laptop is no longer scarce goods. Already many people that use laptops for their purposes in accordance with the needs of each user.

But most of us are probably just could just operate it  but don't know how to keep a laptop can be well maintained.

Here's 5 Tips that can be done to take care of our laptops:

1. Clean the Screen

Clean the screen with a liquid cleaner, glass cleaner wear. Do not spray directly on the screen, because it can cause the LCD surface being striped. Use a smooth cloth or cotton, and then polishing on the screen. Clear in direction, from top to bottom or from left to right.

2. Clean the Keyboard

The keyboard is often dirty because dust and tough enough to clean it up. Grab a brush and apply it to the sidelines – sela button to remove the dirt. Use keyboard protector-protection to prevent impurities.

3. Avoid scratches

Secure your Laptop from sharp objects – objects. place the protective layer above the keyboard before you close the case, so that the screen is not scratched. When traveling should enter the laptop on a laptop bag/container has to be available.

4. Save your Laptop

Keep your Laptop in a cool, dry, and circulate the air quite well.

5. avoid hot sun

Do not store your Laptop in the car in the parking lot under the current rays. Excessive heat in the car could cause damage to components – components that are in the Laptop.

So an article about how to care for your laptop so that durable and may be useful for all of us. good luck.

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