Update: 10 Tips to Take Care and Clean up Your Computer Properly

How to Clean a Computer - Computer or usual abbreviated PC (personal computer) is electronic equipment that we often use in a variety of activities such as Office work, advertising, household or certainly made the task of the school. From among adults to among school children were all required to be able to operate PC properly for work tasks or learning. Therefore it is important to know some tips on caring for and cleaning your computer to good use as we will review on this occasion: 

Update: 10 Tips to Take Care and Clean up Your Computer Properly

1. Minimize Work PC

Sometimes when you use the computer we are not aware of too many open programs so that the needs of memory (RAM) more and more. For it is no use if the program should immediately in close so the burden of reduced PC performance.

2. install the Antivirus Application

Antivirus applications useful to remove and prevent viruses belonging to the PC. Simply install one antivirus the best and proved to be able to eradicate the virus and do not forget to always update.

3. Uninstall unused Applications

The large number of applications in the PC will certainly take a lot of space on your hard disk so that any PC workload increases. Therefore the unused applications should in the uninstall to lighten the work PC.

4. Clean the junk files

Most of us certainly never delete files or other applications in the PC. Well.. delete the files that we will be accommodated in advance at the recycle bin so that makes it easy for us to restore the file if it is still needed. But for files that you will indeed not needed We recommend that you permanently deleted to reduce the memory that is used.

5. use a Stabilizer or UPS

The use of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) on the PC can prevent damage to the hard disk by the electricity turns off unexpectedly. In addition to the UPS voltage also kan became more stable. 

6. Temperature control PC

The use of a PC for a long time can cause an increase in temperature of a PC so that needs to be done setting or controlling the temperature of in the room. It could be done by way of grant of ventilation or a fan which its location adjacent to the CPU and monitor.

7. shut down the PC when it rains

This relates to the PC which is still connected to the wireless or modem when it rains it is feared will be hit by lightning. It's safer to turn off the PC what's formerlywhen it was raining.

8. Use the Cable Ground

On the outside of the CPU when we touch it there will be a flow of electricity dangerous. By because it is recommended, to prevent it from mounting the TVSS.

9. turn off the PC correctly

Did you ever turn off PC forcibly by pressing the ON/OFF button only? If Yes, then you should not repeat it again, because it may trigger damage to the PC. How to turn off the PC correctly can be done by pressing the windows key and select shutdown or by pressing Alt + F4 keys simultaneously and select shutdown.

10 Routine Clean PC

Clean your PC is an obligation that must be carried out especially the CPU should be routinely cleaned at least 3 months because it's often dust sticking on this section. Do I simply use a brush smooth. Usually for PC cleaning can be done with a special cleaner liquids, fine brush or a soft cloth.


So some tips that can be done in taking care of and clean up your computer properly. Good luck, hopefully useful!
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