Laptop Battery Tips in Order to Keep Functioning with Normal Conditions

how to save laptop battery life- How do I maintain the performance of your laptop battery to keep it functioning properly? or how to keep the durability of a laptop battery? This question often expressed by laptop users, as we know the laptop battery is one element to an expensive laptop. Simple tips to do all of the following user maybe you can apply.

Laptop Battery Tips in Order to Keep Functioning with Normal Conditions

1. Put the laptop on a pedestal that is hard 

Heat is one of the main enemy element battery, if you put the laptop on a soft pillow-like pads for example then the heat will be absorbed.

2. use a stable Electricity   

When you charge the battery note the electricity consumed by the adapter, avoid electric bervoltase unstable.

3. should the battery removed?   

The answer is Yes and no. If your laptop is equipped with a traffic switch when the battery is fully charged then directly transferred to the power adapter, and do not need to remove the battery, But if not then you can remove the batteries with consideration lime time element battery. You need to consider when going to detach the battery, whether the electricity available You nice? Because when you do not use the battery then power that goes purely comes from electricity and if electricity is dead, then the laptop will lose power.

4. Battery Contacts      

Clean the contacts of the battery with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol every once a month, in order to transfer the battery power remains smooth.

5. Power Options   

Select the option Optimize, which of these options using the maximum battery to show maximal effect.

6. External Device    

Never too old to work with external device, if you are using the external hard drive should the file be moved and redirected into the hard drive. turn off Wifi, Bluetooth, or other external device when not in use.

7. RAM        

Larger RAM better, why? because if the RAM is too small then when handle great work will improve the performance of virtual memory which virtual memory it consumes more power.

8. If the battery is Damaged 

When the battery is damaged it is advised to purchase a new or original, with so will reduce the risk of damage to the laptop hardware to another.

So articles about Laptop Battery Tips in Order to Keep Functioning with Normal Conditions may be useful for all of us.
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