Update: 5 Ways to Quickly and Easily set the Brightness in Windows 10

How To Set The Brightness In Windows- At the time of using a Laptop or computer, not ever the hell you guys set the brightness of the screen? Set the brightness of the screen is very important because if the screen is too bright can just make our eyes be damaged. So try when using a laptop or computer screen brightness observed and the lighting conditions around the tips. For example I use the laptop in open areas during the day then I'll raise the level of the brightness of the of the screen so you can see your desktop, and vice versa if I am using a laptop in a dark conditions and room then I should decrease the level of brightness of the screen so as not to damage the eyes.

Well, what if I can not set the brightness of the screen? Well, for this occasion I will give a tutorial on how to quickly and easily lower the brightness level of the screen. Remember! before doing this tutorial, make sure that the VGA Driver of his already installed, because if not installed then the brightness level could not be In  or revamped. If you have already installed then you can follow the tutorial below.

1. Either using the button Combination

Usually on a each laptop has a configuration button to set the brightness level of the screen. so note keyboard laptop, is there a button brightness configuration or not. Button configuration screen brightness can be used directly to adjust the screen or the brightness of the can also use the other keys combination, such as using the button combination  "Fn " and so on

Combine it with the button's "Fn "

2. Through the Taksbar Battery icon

This way is the simplest way because we just clicked icon battery on taksbar, then you will see an option to set the brightness of the screen. When you click then the screen will The BRIGHTNESS of the levels the more light or increase.

3. Through the Contorl panel (power option)

To adjust the screen brightness melui Control Panel on Windows 10. Open Control Panel-Hardware and Sound-Power Option. On the bottom right (screen brighness) sliding to the right or To The  Left.

4. Through The Settings

Go to the menu Settings-System-Display, and then Adjust the brightness level on the option set sesui needs you.

5. Through the action center

The last way to open Action Center (start button + A), on a Quick Action menu, you can adjust the brightness level of the screen in the same way by means of the number-2.

Now that's the easy way to Organize Windows In The brightness of the 10 100% successful, if there are extra or mistakes do not forget to comment below Yes, all this from me, thank you.
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