UPDATE : TOP 7 How to Safely Use a Hotspot Area 1000% Successful

How to Safely Use a Hotspot Area - Today the internet is indeed becoming a necessity for some, especially for upper-class businessmen. And no wonder it is also now very many places that provide wireless internet service either free or paid as we know it with a hotspot. But did you know that the Internet in this way has many dangerous risks to the privacy of your data.

If you do not know how to prevent it could be data that is in your laptop is exploited by irresponsible people. On computer tips tricks this time will be notified a few tips safe to use the hotspots that might be useful for your users. Following his tips.

7 How to safely use a Hotspot Area 1000% successful

1. It's good that you use laptop have username and password at the time of entry into the operating system.

2. do not easily believe the signals detected Hotspots on your laptop. It could just be a hotspot signal is received your laptop that only a tool of devices to trap you. Do not jump You connection unless you really believe in, or if you are in doubt you are looking for information first from your service provider.

3. Disable file sharing folders on your laptop when you are connected with a network of public, because it could have been another person who can access the smart folder you are sharing.

4. Disable printer sharing also on your laptop.

5. Turn on Your antivirus always updated with the latest.

6. don't tell your username and password to other people, except to people you already trust

7. Will be more secure when you use hotspot has authentication WEP/WPA/WPA2 (before connected).

So an article about how to safely use a hotspot area may be of benefit to us all.

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