5 Benefits and functions of Computers

Benefit, Function and usability of computer (PC). In the modern era now this role computers have become an important part for human beings in all its activities. "Now the role of the computer is very vital and its influence has spread to all walks of life, ranging from young children to adults have been utilizing computers for various purposes.

If it used to be the beginning of its development, the function of the computer is used only as a tool to calculate arithmetic. In contrast to now, uses a computer that has a multi function. In addition, beginning computer created only utilized by business circles and Government institutions only, but now we can find computer use in schools, universities, offices and even every House has to have a computer.

Along with the large number of computer users in the world, of course a lot of benefits from the use of the computer. Do you know what function or the benefits of a computer, of course each user's computer has the difference related to the usefulness of the computer. It depends of the person's goals and purpose in using a computer.

5 The Benefits Of Computer

1. to facilitate the work of the Media.

The benefits of the first computer from your computer is to simplify the job. Since the beginning of its creation, computers are indeed designed to assist humans in finishing the job. By making use of the computer, the job will be easier, faster, save time, cost and effort.

With a computer, the work was initially done manually would be more efficient if done in a computerized. Computerized with work, no more files are piling up because the computer can save the file in the hard drive and easy to look it up.

2. Medium to find information

Along with the more rapid development of the computer-supported by the existence of the internet network, then the function of the computer not only to facilitate the work of course, but increased be medium to find information.

By utilizing a computer connected to the internet network we will easily find the information. Just by entering a keyword that we search on search engines, in a matter of seconds the information we are looking for will appear in the page search engine (search engine). Many of the popular search engine sites and guaranteed its accuracy such as google, yahoo, bing and others.

Now you don't have to bother anymore to ask people or looking at books in the search for specific information. All the information is available only by using a computer that has connect with the internet.

3. The means of supporting education

For some self-described teachers such as I, the role of the computer is very helpful at all in presenting educational material based on IT. Using the computer as a medium in the learning, the atmosphere became more alive and no longer a monotone with a lecture in front of the class. Just by presenting the interactive video, simulation and presentation program through the computer, students will be easier to understand the subject matter.

For the students themselves, the benefits of the computer is very important in supporting learning activities. Thanks to the presence of smart applications that are installed in the computer, students become easier in the dig science. The role of the manuals can also be replaced with electronic books (eBooks), even some schools have implemented digital Library i.e. computer-based library. Changing the stigma of computer-based education, is expected to make it easier for teachers and students in carrying out the process of teaching and learning activities.

4. Media Communications

If the first people just make use of the phone and the radio as a tool of communication, but now the computer can serve as a communication tool. Only by making use of a computer connected to the internet network, we are able to communicate with other computer users.
We can communicate with people far away though. We can communicate through writing, sound even we could direct face to face through video streaming. With the increasing outbreak of chat applications on the computer, now the easier people to communicate with.

5. Media Entertainment

The benefits of the next computer is as a medium of entertainment. The computer does not only serve to help in a serious activity, but can also be used as a tool or medium for entertainment.

There are many different types of entertainment that we can make use of the computer, such as watching movies or videos, play games, listen to music. Moreover, with the rapid development of the internet, many sites that offer the user to enjoy the entertainment provided.

So an article about the benefits of a computer may be beneficial for all of us

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