5 Surprising Facts About the World Famous Logos

GRAPHIC WORLD-Did we think to know the facts behind the making of a logo or coat of arms of either the coat of arms of the company, Football Club, bands and communities?

Because the coat of arms and logo can appear in a variety of conditions. May have been created with the concept matures. But sometimes created accidentally. Meaning any variety.

What does the logo then categorized into the world famous logo:

1. McDonald

In 1962, McDonald's senior psychologist hired Louis Cheskin. He suggested to replace Cook with the Speedee logo golden arches that form m. form his opinion like that resembles a woman's breasts, which unconsciously arouses the appetite and will remind people of her childhood are happy. It should be noted, Cheskin did not create the arch itself, and the logo is already there in the restaurant since the 1950s.

2. Pepsi

Pepsi logo looks simple, but the price is much more expensive than you can imagine, i.e. US $1 million. erancang expanding it to fit the most perfect proportions in math which is considered the most harmonious and pleasant for the human eye.

3. Apple

4. Ferrari 

Many who thought the Ferrari logo symbolizes the horsepower, but it's not true. In his biography, mentioning that the silhouette of the Enzo Ferrari horse was originally painted on the aircraft pilot seasoned Italy Francesco Baracca. The arms were granted to mother by Enzo Francesco after his son's victory in a race. Since then the horse jingrak became a symbol of the world famous.

5. BMW

Rumor has it that the BMW logo symbolize the propeller aircraft, and even some employees of the company supports this opinion. However, they are actually less precise. The BMW logo is blue and white were chosen to represent the colours of the flag of Bavaria, one of the federal State in Germany.

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