5 Ways to Resolve a Laptop Suddenly Dead Total Cannot be Turned on

How to solve a Laptop suddenly dead Total can not be turned on a Laptop that is specially designed to be easily carried everywhere, certainly more profitable when compared with a desktop computer. Since the device appears, as if he was almost able to hypnotize many people to put aside a desktop computer that is quite difficult to carry anywhere. It is true, besides being easy to carry because of its smaller shape, His weight also lighter.

But you also have to know that high mobility, making this device more quickly suffered damage. With a variety of shocks, pressures and friction that may occur when carried over, will further weaken the damage to your laptop.

The most common problem happens is that laptops suddenly die in total and cannot be turned on anymore. If this problem occurs, it would be good if you try to overcome it yourself, without having to bother others.

How to resolve a laptop suddenly dead total can not be turned on

1. Unplug and reattach your Laptop's battery

In the early stages, try to unplug your laptop battery, then plug it back in. Once installed, try to turn on your laptop. Usually only in this way the laptop can be revived without any additional processing.

2. Turn on the laptop using a charger without battery

If the first step doesn't work yet, try to turn on your laptop with just a direct charger, without installing the battery. This is intended to know whether the battery is having a short circuit or not. Because, I once got some cases it is the battery that causes the laptop can not be turned on. Once unplugged, laptops can usually be turned on if the battery is actually a short circuit.

3. Unplug the memory and plug it back

Then disconnect your memory, clean the memory and plug it back in. Then try to turn on your dead laptop. If there is no response at all, try to turn your laptop on without memory and see what happens. If it reads a long beep, turn off the laptop and reinstall its memory, then turn the laptop back on. Because, many total dead problems occur due to dirty and damaged memory. Therefore try it first. For additional, please read solve the damaged laptop memory.

4. Replace the processor

Try to replace your laptop processor with a similar one, then do the test. If your laptop can be turned on, it means the Processor is damaged.

5. Uninstall and clean the laptop

At this stage it seems a little more complicated, because it takes a little knowledge of Unpack. Well, all you have to do is unload your laptop, unplug the removable components such as hard disk, memory, DVD drive, processor, WiFi card and others. After that, clean it all using a brush.

Cleaning the computer and laptop from dust is very important. Because the dust that accumulate will surely interfere with the device in the case of the computer or laptop itself. So, it's clean.

The following steps do the testing, but do not have to be installed intact yes, just do the test outside the casing only. Then what happened? 

If not successful too, try to turn on the laptop only with processor and memory only, unplug all components such as DVD drive, hard disk, WiFi card and others. This is also to see if there are any of those components that are short-circuit. Because many cases of laptops die in total due to a short circuit in some of these components. So, if plugged in the main board will cause the laptop can not be turned on.

However, if the step-by-step above has not been successful, there can be damage to the main board, whether the Biosnya damaged or the main board chip set damaged. For this issue you have to take your laptop to where main boad repair specialists are.

So my writing of how to solve a laptop suddenly dead completely can not be turned on again. If the above way is incomplete, I'm really glad if you'd prefer to add it through the comments below.

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