6 Computer network Benefits you should know

Computer network benefits. Development of computer networks in the company or organization, there are several benefits that can be gained in terms of sharing resources, communication media, data integration, development and maintenance, data security, more efficient resources and information Current.

6 Computer network Benefits you should know

Here is an explanation of computer network benefits :

1. Sharing Resources

Sharing Resources aims to allow all programs, equipment or other peripherals to be utilized by anyone on the computer network without being affected by the location or influence of the wearer.

In other words, a remote user can take advantage of other data or information without experiencing any difficulties. So with this sharing resources can reduce the cost of purchasing peripherals or software due to an increase in such resources.

2. Communication Media

The computer network enables communication between users, both for teleconference and for sending messages or other important information. By using the computer network, two more people who are very far away will be easier to cooperate.

Suppose there are two employees in a company where the residence is far apart, they can still be equal in the making of the report. When an employee makes a change in a document on-line, the other employee can know the changes immediately, no need to wait for the letter.

This rapid change that resulted in teamwork in very distant working groups became very easy. In this case system scheduling, work monitoring and other can make the team work more effectively.

3. Data Integration

Computer network development can prevent dependence on the central computer. Every data process does not have to be done on a single computer, but it can be distributed to other places. Therefore, it can form integrated data so as to facilitate the user to obtain and process information at any time.

4. Development and Maintenance

With this computer network, the development of equipment can be done easily and save costs, suppose to improve the quality of the printer from dot matrix to laser printer, then there is no need to buy a laser printer A number of computers existing But enough one fruit because the printer can be used together.

Computer networks can also facilitate the wearer in maintaining hard drives and other equipment, for example to provide protection against virus attacks, the wearer is focused on the hard drive on the central computer

5. Data Security

Computer network systems provide protection against data. This data security guarantee is provided through the user permissions settings and password, as well as a hard drive protection technique so that the power to obtain effective protection.

6. More efficient resources and up to date information

With the user of the resource together, the user can get the result with maximum and high quality. In addition, the data or information accessed is always up-to-date, as any changes are immediately immediate to the user's notice.

That's a brief explanation of computer network benefits, hopefully useful.

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