6 Tips on How to Save Smartphone Battery

Tips on how to save battery HP Android Smartphone, here's the trending this time. Some of the actions that you can do for the savings are listed below : 

6 Tips on How to Save Smartphone Battery

1. Switching connections

Unstably the signal on your Android smartphone's 3G data, can make our HP continue to work hard to drain the battery looking for the best signal can result in waste of battery power.

Preferably when we are in hot-spot location We turn off the mobile connection, and connect the HP Android with Wi-fi available at that location, such as at home, office, restaurant or anywhere anytime there is WiFi then make an Internet network.

Furthermore, the connection with WiFi is generally faster than the mobile network, so your Android PHONE will use a shorter time for loading while you are browsing or using an application that requires an Internet connection.

2. Stop WiFi and Bluetooth

When your Android smartphone is active, the WI-FI signal will look for the WiFi network repeatedly, so it uses battery to support network search and the occurrence of battery power reduction.

Also bluetoth that is active will look for repeated signals that do not meet this also resulted in more repetitive phone work that resulted in the battery is more quickly exhausted.

3. Stop GPS

In this feature we often do not realize, if the GPS Stand By live, not only because of intentional, some applications that can intentionally activate this GPS automatically, by it sometimes this GPS features live automatically and you do not realize.

If this GPS is active and the effect for the battery is very vulnerable with the use of this GPS application and will drain the battery faster. Check occasionally if this GPS is active.

4. Stop Sync Feature

HP Android makes it easy to know your email notifications, Facebook, Twitter and other apps, but if you don't really need them like when you're on the go, then you should turn off this snyc feature.

But consequently, you can't receive the notification don't worry you can still see the latest updates by logging into the app you want to see updates.

5. Reduce the brightness of the screen

Your smartphone's screen sometimes without realizing it has more brightness, the screen is too bright also not good for eye health layers on smartphones.

Like a light bulb such as we see a brighter lamp light, the eyes will be more exhausted as long as the screensaver or screen on your smartphone.

For the use of battery usage should also be light description of the layer should be reduced for better savings on the battery.

6. Reduce the sound volume and Vibra

Reduce the sound volume and Vibra is also for battery saving. Indeed, if the volume of sound and Vibra always use to use the application, the features also the volume of your Android call.
But if you need to battery saving, the mending in the stop used to fit your needs, or if you need this, then it is not wrong volume is reduced volumes.

So this post to save battery and smart phone you, hopefully useful and thank you for visiting.

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