How to Easily Fix a Damaged Laptop Battery

How to fix this laptop battery this time Usefulness of laptop battery components as a resource for energy power on laptops. When using a laptop occurs damage to the laptop battery. It's the thing that makes it less comfortable every time using a laptop. Many chances of laptop battery damage, from mild to heavy. But don't be rushed to replace with new ones, who knows the damage of your laptop's battery can be solved. Indeed in certain cases there is nothing to be repaired, well for that like this you already know what will be done. There are several types of damage that occur on the laptop battery.

This time we will discuss some of the damage such as:

  • Laptop battery failure can not charge charger.
  • The laptop battery damage is quickly exhausted.

Repairing damage to the laptop battery can not charge (charger).

Steps to fix your laptop battery that can't be charger,

1. Unplug your laptop battery from the electrical plugs and from your laptop.
2. Shut down the computer by shutdown.
3. Unplug your laptop battery slowly from the place dilaptop.
4. Back plug your laptop charger into the laptop and then plug it into the power hole. (without installing the battery).
5. Revive the laptop.
6. After right click Windows > > Manage (Select Device Manager) > > Battery > > Right-click Uninstall Microsoft ACPI Compilant control method Battery.


1. Turn off the computer (shut down)
2. Unplug the laptop adapter
3. Re-plug the laptop Battrey
4. Turn on the laptop.

If the above has not succeeded you can also do as below,

1. Open windows
2. Right-click the properties Select Device Manager > > Battrey > > Right-click Select Uninstall Microsoft ACPI compilant control method Battrey.
3. Unplug the battery.
4. After more than 1 minute of Padang again.
5. In Derive Manager right-click Scan for hardware change.
6. Unplug the adapter, create the battery until the light is green or 90% and plug it back in.

So how to fix a laptop battery that can't charge, and do it as a way to fix your laptop battery.

Then we will discuss the next point:

Fix the laptop battery is fast ngedrop.

1. First unplug the laptop battery and then insert it into a completely sealed pelastic. There is not a slightest hole. This avoids if water or moisture in the fridge enters the laptop battery.
2. Put in the refrigerator (cold PE) right in the freezer refrigerator. Then let one day one night, it would be good if until 3 days 3 night.
3. Then after all walked take the laptop battery, then open the plastic wrapper and place the laptop battery at room temperature, not drying the sun or other heat.
4. After all goes well until normal laptop battery temperature, then re-insert the battery into the laptop. But keep in mind, do not turn on the laptop, this will result in total damage to the laptop battery.
But it charger a laptop battery up to 100% full.
5. After all the normal runs, then restart your laptop. If the laptop battery you still have a battery drop, then repeat the above steps to repeat until your laptop battery is back to normal.

In the above way chances are your laptop battery can be solved properly. 

So fix your laptop Hopefully the above steps can help you, thank you for visiting.

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