How to fix Android get Virus

How to fix HP Android smartphone phone hit virus. What are the indicators that you can see if you have a mobile phone or a virus? A lot of complaints about viruses that are the owner of HP/smartphones.  After having a viral kind of way expression owner to pour emotion expression on the HP/smartphone.  There is a ngutuk, there is the language of the names of animals, even there is to Slam, even there are also those who say,What sin did!!!, and so on. Should not this be the case for you HP/smartphone owners. But the power of viruses has attacked.   By that virus, before everything becomes more chaotic you should know what exactly the characteristics of the virus is already in your PHONE/smartphone?.

When you already know the characteristics of viruses have entered, then the panic will not be there anymore, because by means of handling you already know then easy overcome.

Well right away,

Know in advance from where the virus Aja goes to your PHONE/smartphone?.

1. Download applications or files from any source. 

For this Android users are advised if installing applications or files suggested via the Google Play Store app, Amazon and Samsung applications.
If by forced to download other apps store then see rating from the user, how many stars?, comment the application?.

2. Insufficient security of mobile specifics.

For owners of HP/smartphone with version 2.2 down will got many virus attacks.
But you do not be with it, the vendor itself has prepared all for the convenience of its customers. All you have prepared stays enabled from:

Setting = > Security = > Check verify apps.

Caution: Once you buy new or second you have to do that step.

3. Smartphones rarely in Update

Also do updates before the virus expands your beloved smartphone.
How, Menu setting = > about phone = > system update. For Smartphone not available can be directly to the update.

4. Always activate automatic WiFi

This always-on WiFi is also a means of virus entry, so do not get the settings for automatic WiFi active.
Non Enable WiFi: Menu = > Wireless and network (select WiFi settings) = > disable WiFi.

5. Provide any personal information

When installing an application or downloading there are several vendors requesting filling out your information form. Beware of things like this.

6. Installing anti-virus

But the first step that you have to do when you have just bought a HP/Smartphone do installation anti-virus, take note of the correct anti-virus that will be installed, preferably you install from Play store on your Android.

So on knowing the entry of viruses to your Smartphone.

Well, now you will know the features of viruses on your smartphone.

Its characteristics:

1. Smartphone drop or die itself when receiving incoming phone

If your smartphone is experiencing this, please know that your smartphone has been entered by a malware virus or any other type.

2.Your Smartphone slows down from as often

You can have your smartphone slow down because of the many files and apps on your smartphone. Unlike the cases that are compromised by viruses, the smartphone will be slow not Goes wrong.

3. The package felt quickly exhausted. 

Your package is not normal, this is a big cause of malware that utilizes a smartphone to the needs of virus-spreading hackers or viruses that are shared.

4. Phone usage costs increase

In this case, you need to know that the pulse can be hacked via SMS by way of sending malware to your smartphone.

5. Services that are of a paid nature.

In this case, the perpetrator convene a quiz, or subscription and so on that provides reciprocity with payment via credit balance. Without you realize here viruses can be shared to a smartphone. 

6. Batrey Fast damaged

Sometimes we feel that the battery of the smartphone has started to wear out, so it should be replaced recently. 

Well, this could be the case, but the state of the battery is very unique to the Dropnya. 

This is usually due to viruses that loop the process of operating system or applications on the smartphone, so that the battery quickly depleted instead of overheating in your smartphone.

So the features of your HP/smartphone are affected by viruses.

How to handle viruses that have already been groan HP/smartphone?.

1. Uninstall apps that are subject to viruses

To uninstall this, select the application that has the virus.

Do by going to Settings = > App = > Set application = > Select the application that will be in unistal = > Uninstall. After that it will appear warning  "Whether to remove all USB installations " If you want the data on the USB is not erased then un check ' USB storage format '  Before doing this it's a good idea to backup up data such as, photos, videos, no. Music and other important ones.  In this case the best solution do  "Factory data reset (reset the manufacturer's data).

Thus this article is presented and if there are viruses like the above, then repeat again like the steps above, hopefully help your smartphone, thank you. 
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