How to Fix a Striped Damaged HP Android LCD Screen

LCD screen as an important component of a handphone. What if the handphone does not use LCD?
Screen or LCD mobile phone is a means of displaying the pixel code or dots on the screen and forming text encoding or image to provide user intelligible information. In this case if there is damage to the LCD screen of handphone you try not to change it first, because there are ways that can be done to overcome the broken LCD screen. There are times when the LCD screen can not be handled at all to replace the new one. Because there is a solution to the problem of your LCD screen, then we will discuss for improvements to the LCD screen. The counting for the savings beside it also trains your skills. The discussion this time is to fix your LCD screen that is broken striped.
Well, we live on the topic of fixing the screen of damaged handphone LCD striped.

This time we will do with 3 methods of improvement,

The method below is;

1. Open the back cover of your phone.
2. Remove flexible LCD carefully.
3. Clean with a tissue that has been moistened with a contact cleaner or if no contact cleaner KMU can also use alcohol.
4. Allow a few moments to dry, then plug it slowly correctly.
5. Then check back the LCD screen you will return to normal.

Thus how to fix the LCD screen in the first way, hopefully in this first way can succeed.

And if you have not succeeded in eliminating the damage of the striped LCD screen, you can also do the second one below:

1. Spray female connector to
2. Brush with toothbrush carefully until clean.
3. Then dry and re-installed. Note the installation is completely meeting.

Hopefully this second way you manage to remove the lines on your LCD screen.

If the above way has not succeeded then you can also try a third way. For this third way it takes serious care.

1. In this handling you may be able to know roughly what the cause is. Like some cases that there is a smooth cable LCD screen that is broken. Or the terminus path of the track Flexible usually in the end area.
2. To handle a case like this you take a solder with medium heat, not too hot or cold.
3. Be careful in this way notice correctly lest there is a short line.

If there is a shorted doubt try again in the look with bright lights so that all the lanes are obviously not shorting.

Then plug it all back, if the case is precise and the installation is correct, then it is big that it succeeds.
There are many cases of LCD screen damage that are likely to be attest by checking one by one the corresponding component. By finding the LCD screen damage your phone then it is ensured for handling. But in most cases the LCD screen does not exist that can be repaired and there must also be replaced with a new one. The point should not be rushed to replace the new one, but try first check if the damage to the LCD screen you can be handled.

So how to fix this LCD screen can be delivered hopefully you succeed in the repair of your LCD screen that b

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